What is ETIM-Translator?

ETIM Translator is a localization software for ETIM classification v.9. It helps to configure and to run the translation process of the whole ETIM vocabulary or only of a chosen sector. A typical ETIM translation process consists of two steps: translation and verification. It can be also split into several parts (e.g. covering one or several groups). The main idea of such process is that translation of every element is done by one translator and then verified by two (or more) verifiers. Any incompatibilities between verifier's and translator's opinions can be settled during verification sessions.

ETIM Translator provides a suitable platform for easy management for users working on translations and also for verification sessions. Special statistics module helps to track translators’ or verifiers’ work progress. The software also ensures the consistency of ETIM elements (groups, classes, features, values, units and relations between them).

The biggest advantage of the software is that it enables contextual translation of ETIM elements. On the one hand it is a question of translation of the class name with the view of features and values with which this class is described, which facilitates correct selection of the class name. On the other hand, it is a matter of translating the features and values in the context of the class, and not as an independent phrase. Additionally, it is possible to see all occurrences of a given phrase in other classes, which makes it easier to choose a translation that will match all classes in which it is used. Such a translation is usually a compromise, but it is a better solution than a translation that is correct only in the context of one class, and does not fit at all in the other classes.

Another useful feature of the software is the provision of mechanisms speeding up frequently performed and repetitive tasks, such as: searching for automatic translations of phrases in google translator based on auxiliary languages; searching for a translation of a phrase among previously performed translations (translation memory) or opening a google search engine for a selected text.

The software allows to add notes when saving elements and to mark any doubts - for later clarification. All changes in the translation of individual elements are also saved, which allows you to trace the history of their modifications and avoid "looping" (multiple changes in the translation to the names used in the past, which may occur if the translations are changed by different people based on the local context).

Another useful mechanism allows for the comparison of two classes with each other. ETIM-Translator is a software that allows you to improve the quality of your ETIM classification translation and accelerates its implementation by enabling group work of many people in one shared environment.